Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life ???

I often thought death of loved ones is one of the greatest tragedies of life ! I was too young to understand the implications of my father's death.After thirty years (almost ) my mother's demise has shattered us all.She had a heart of gold,full of love and warmth for everyone.She was innocent yet careful.Punctual and meticulous but ever willing to go to any length to help others.A fighter till the end she never asked for sympathy or help . She was tall, elegant and had a unique persona.She left her mark on everyone who had a chance to meet her.She was the best ... God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.

When you lose a person, you realize there is so much left unsaid, so much that was not expressed...We take life for granted, foolishly believing that we need to focus on the practical aspects such as job, meetings,managing finance etc. etc. and softer aspects can take a back seat. I never expressed these things to her, never appreciated her , never said thanks for everything she did for us. And now it is too late...

But it is never too late to learn from experiences of life..learning that we are all alone and still need someone to talk to, touch , smile with and shed tears for in spite of (and probably with) facebook . How often I have noticed that when you are low and in foul mood , smile of an unknown child makes your day !Let us search the child within us, make friends the way we did as a child, say thank you and sorry without any ego , learn not be judgmental and be good to everyone around us before it is actually too late !