Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gandhi Jayanti , Independence and some Thoughts !

I may be wrong but I get a feel that Gandhi was less remembered this year on 2nd October as compared to the  previous times ! Wonder if it is a reflection of the fact that we are no longer apologetic about forgetting Gandhian values and embarking on a path of materialistic growth. Government too seems to have put him aside by announcing FDI in all possible fields. Swaraj, swabhimaan and self sufficiency , why these words sound so hollow ?

Let us take up another issue, what are our achievements as a nation ? Agreed GDP has grown, literacy is higher, poverty is lesser,more jobs are available, roads are flooded with cars, malls are buzzing with people,yet we are not happy ! Crime rate is higher, women is not safe, senior citizen are murdered brutally, children disappear like the air, everybody is getting more and more intolerant, hyper and insensitive to others' plight. Where have we gone wrong ?

We were known as a spiritual nation and materialism was considered a taboo but last thirty years have seen a gradual reversal of our value system.In the rat race to acquire wealth did we as a society sacrific family bond ? Possibly yes and this transformation whether for good or otherwise is seen in all strata of the society. It is seen that people migrate from villages to cities in search of greener pasture and end up without a job. If they are lucky and have a social net to help them , it is fine otherwise they are lured into crime .Today 'Ham Log' of Doordarshan is replaced by 24 hours of nonsense on cable television with crime, lust, treachery and such other themes dominating the programming content.Are we on the right track then ?

What about leadership ? Can we name any politician who can be a role model for this generation of youth ? Some names may crop up but  they are either media creations  or dynastic awataars. The hype and hoolsh surrounding them is artificially created and the charisma is short lived. Gandhiji, Shastriji , Nehru and Tagore are mere names that children mug up to clear the exams. Hanna Montana and Katrina ; Justin Bieber and Salman Khan ...these are some of the idols . What are the lessons that this generation can get from them ?
Sometimes I feel that I am being too cynical, critical and find fault with everything !!! What to do, these thoughts invariably cross my mind.

What do I do then ? Get annoyed, grumpy and moody ? Of course not , I watch Citizen Journalist,follow good stories on twitter, watch movies like Swadesh and Three Idiots .... and do my best to bring smile on other people's face.The biggest stress buster is my grand mother , who at 97 lives alone, manages to laugh and never lets negative thoughts overpower her...and when I think of her..Swaraj, swabhimaan and self sufficiency .......these words no longer sound  hollow ....