Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reflection Trail-1 
I am back on reflection after a long break ..     .reflecting on the the unfolding of events in the year 2012 Significantly the year was marked by career progression and success in professional arena but equally traumatic on the personal sphere.The affairs of nation did nothing to assuage the feeling of despair rather added to the element of helplessness and gloom.

Where to begin the account ....the year began with the news of brother in law's sickness.Then there was Aman's tryst with a new place at Manipal . The realization that his heart was into something else and studying Engineering was perhaps a mistake came a bit too late. The worst part was that we did what a normal parent does...forcing him to rejoin B Tech  at Delhi again. I fear the worst but hope and pray for him to succeed. ..I was hopeful that I would be able to be with him and see to it that he develops interest in studies but as luck would have it...I got additional charge of Director -Development in the University ....left with hardly any time to pay attention to him. 

My brother in law eventually gave up his fight and left us. A traumatic time for Ravindra San who was already dealing with his professional issues ...fighting against corruption in the recruitment process at Delhi Technological University ( ). He was removed from the position of Head almost coinciding with beginning of my tenure as Director-Development.Watching his almost... lonely fight against the System , knocking at all pillars of our democracy without any success made me sad but his never say die attitude had to be backed by my support ( . I tried my best to be his pillar of strength but failed most of the time. My fear and apprehensions were far stronger than conviction of truth that he is fighting for !

The question is why do we fail in practicing what we preach ? I have been counselling people on career choices, giving sermons on being supportive parents,  Why did I fail do be the example of a considerate mother then ? I supported Anna not because of the person he is but out of respect for the ideals he stood for  and in spite of that pleaded with Ravindra San to give up the fight and focus on the bare minimum duty that he gets paid for.; reinforcing that the fight against this system that is thriving on  connections,corruption , collusion and connivance is fruitless and a futile exercise...what does it reflect ? I have no answers....


  1. dont take it to heart. life throws so many challenges that we are not able to catch all the balls. trust in God and everything would be finecoz u r good friends and genuine people.

  2. I wish I had answers but I face the same questions every day.

  3. Well done Neena...such honest and transparent thoughts. For me, Ravindra jee's fight for his battle is something to be proud of....'Jodi torr daak diye keyu naa ashey taube ekla chola rey'....keep the spirit up. Kudos for all of you.

  4. Thank you all for understanding the dilemma.